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mission & values

The Sands vision is that all bereaved parents across Queensland have the opportunity to access support services and care they need at the time of the death of their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death or medical termination.

Sands Queensland's mission is to promote and facilitate quality support and care systems for the parents and families of babies who have died during pregnancy, at birth or soon after.


Our work will be guided by uor belief in and commitment to these values:

Our community

Sands Queensland is built on bereaved parents providing mutual support in a unique community of interest. 


Sands Queensland values the diversity of individuals with regard to culture, religion, class, gender, sexuality and the uniqueness of all grief reactions.


Sands Queensland is respectful of the ongoing love and sense of loss families feel for their babies who have died.   


Sands Queensland promotes and contributes to high quality health and bereavement care for bereaved parents and their families.

Recognition of grief and resilience

Sands Queensland recognises that the grief families feel about the death of their baby is natural.  This grief is life-long, but changes over time.  We are committed to assisting families throughout their grief journey.