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3 May 2017

To my darlings.

Another Mother's Day without you my loves. I think of you everyday and long for you. Your brothers and I wish you were here with us. Blessed be My Angels.

Mommy and your 4 brothers.

1 May 2017


My dearest Amity,
I can't believe we are 4 days from your due date, I'd give anything to be able to hold you on Monday and annouce to the world your safe arrival, but we just aren't that lucky. You were always the cheekiest of my babies which quickly earnt you the nickname Gremlin. Daddy and i will spend your special day at the beach thinking of you baby girl, you were so wanted and so loved and I promise you never ever forgotten. I know you siblings will be giving you the best of care until the day we join you. I miss you always Gremlin.

Love always Mommy

19 Apr 2017

We miss you ...

3 6 W E E K S
One week...the day that we last saw our little angel alive and wriggling around. He had been breech for weeks and all of a sudden he was head down - we were so overjoyed that this meant that we could follow our hopes of a normal birth.

If I knew then that this would be the last time I would see him alive, would I have done anything differently? Would I have lingered a while longer, asking them to play his heartbeat one more time? Would I have taken more photographs? Would I have recorded a video of him moving around and hiding his face? Most definitely.

But then again, I was blissfully, naively happy, and I wouldn’t change having had the opportunity to have that experience. My pregnancy with banaynay was wonderful, and as that was the only time I had with him, I am so glad that I was able to enjoy every moment.

Mom and dad

30 Apr 2017


Our son Andrew was born on Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 8:55pm & passed away at 9pm on the same night. Andrew was everything my partner and I had hoped and prayed for. These last couple of days have been some of the hardest for us both. We have found a little peace reading stories from other families who have experienced similar loss to us & we both take comfort knowing that he will always be watching over us.

Rehema Bennett & Sebastian Pandia

19 Apr 2014

My beautiful Twins

I can't believe my beautiful babies are almost 3 years old, I honestly don't know where the years have gone. It seems like only yesterday mommy was finding out about my two wonderful surprises and planning out your bedroom and matching outfits. Jehtt my second perfect son & Juliet my first precious daughter I promise we will meet again, every single day mommy misses you but I know your big brother is keeping you safe until we can be together again. Happy 3rd birthday my darlings, I have your paw patrol cake ready to go and balloons ordered for your special day

Love always Mommy