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22 Dec 2010

Our Precious Little Darling Angel

Our dearest Kianah,
We miss you so much that our hearts ache everyday for you. We love you so much and wish that you could be here with us. You have touched our hearts like nobody else can. You are forever in our hearts.

Love Daddy, Mummy, Tyshana and Raven.

9 Nov 2010

A very happy second birthday to our beautiful little girls!

It was two years ago that you gave us the most amazing 11 and 12 days watching you both develop you own personalities.

Charlotte, our beautiful princess, you loved kicking your legs in the air and always made sure we photographed your ‘good side.’ Marianne, our brave little fighter, you looked so relaxed cuddled over your little pillow completely unafraid of all the world threw at you.

We wonder what you would be doing now - no doubt running around the house, giggling and causing trouble. Today you would be marveling at your little brother or sister growing in mummy’s tummy. We hope you are having a fun party with all the other little butterflies.

We’re proud of you for fighting so hard to stay with us. We will miss you forever. We love you so much.

Thank you for making us a family. Love Mummy & Daddy