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11 Nov 2012

Our baby angel

All I want is to watch you grow
How could god have become so low
A gift of life is given, then taken back
All to be placed up on the highest rack

Our little baby angel is missing her wings
And all those other important things
She was sent for purpose, but this im not sure
Because to us she is so perfect and pure.

We must send our baby angel up above
So she can grow her wings and be in love
All it takes is one white dove
To show our baby angel the beautiful world of peace and serenity

Love you forever baby


15 Oct 2012

Our two little 'fighters'

Our brief time together is our privilege. It will always be the longest, shortest time. But will be remembered for the rest of our lives.
We are left with so little and the hole in our hearts is so big.

Many hours will be left to the "what could have been" but you have already left enough for us to be so proud of.

Goodbye Boys..

Mum, Dad, Aidan and Amelie.

25 Aug 2012

our darling baby boy

My darling I miss you everyday. I think of you everyday. Iwish I could hold and kiss you one more time. I wish you were here squeezing my finger again like you did when you entered the world, reaching out and stroking my face ever so softly, I will embrace that moment forever and never forget it. The way you snuggled into mummy as god took you away from me invades my mind. I love and remember you with every heartbeat my darling. Mummy loves you so much and I want you back so badly. Rest in peace my darling, wait for me darling.

Arohanui our darling

Mama, Dada, big bro Kauri & sissy Kiara

16 Aug 2012

Baby Girl

One week after the first birthday of your big brother you came to us.
But we never got to say hello baby girl on that summer’s night so long ago.
We miss you so very much.

Happy 9th Birthday Abby

With all our Love

Mummy Daddy, Ellis and Sophie

5 Aug 2012

Our Hartley Jae

A week ago today, our baby boy was born,
A week ago today, we began to mourn.
Although you had arrived, after 36 weeks,
We knew it was just your shell, no rosiness to your cheeks.
As we held you close, it was hard to believe,
Your soul had been taken, and we would need to grieve.
Our son our Hartley Jae, our lives you’ve touched with love,
You’re just not here in person, but as a spirit up above.
Please don’t stay too far, we want to feel you near,
Then it may be easier, to accept that you’re not here.

Hailey Carpenter