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24 Dec 2015

My Baby Girl

My baby girl Hannah Elanore was due july 26th 2016 we lost our baby girl on 24/12/2015 at 11:51am. I held my baby girl in my hand and the tears seem to flow they sneak up on me and just come out I thought I was ok with my baby being in heaven but im not she needs to be with her parents safe and know we love her so very much.

Mummy & Daddy and your two big sisters

30 Sep 2014

To perfect for this world

We never got to see you, we never got to hold you but our love for you is never ending. We will see you and hold you one day. Daddy & Mummy love you very much. Safe with grandma in her loving hands.

Daddy & Mummy

16 Dec 2015

My Three Precious Angels

To my precious angels taken too soon I love you with all my heart
I wish I could have held you in my arms and breathed in your scent.
Know that for the rest of my days you will be with me in everything that I do, ingrained in who I am.
I wish you could have met your brother Riley he's so beautiful and would have protected you all your days. Today on my birthday I feel especially lost without you.
Rest easy little ones

Love Mummy xxx

24 Oct 2015

Our angel

You where only 10 weeks into the pregnancy but you made a big impact in our life's we will love you forever and never forget you.

Jessica and Brendan

2 Jan 2015

Aurora Anne Van Stralen

Our special little angel sent from above
Sent to us to show us undying love
Although we couldn't keep you 
We know you're never far
You are watching us from heaven
With you're hands around our hearts

Mummy daddy and ur big brother Leo