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butterfly memory bag


For most parents the shock that follows after receiving the news that they have lost their baby will be devastating. Many have found it difficult to make decisions or know how to create memories in the precious limited time they have with their baby. At Sands there are people who understand because they too have been through this experience.

Bereaved parents have created this bag as a gift to parents whose baby has died, or is about to die. 

Each resource pack is kindly donated in loving memory of a baby.

SandsQ Butterfly Memory Bag

Included in each:

Handmade bag

This can be used to carry items home, hold keepsakes safe and keep everything given in hospital in one place.

Handmade blanket

A white or cream blanket to wrap your baby in. Parents can choose to leave baby wrapped in this blanket or bring home with them as a treasured keepsake.

Precious Memories of Our Baby Book and Pen

A beautifully designed book to keep details and small memento in, such as a lock of hair, hospital card and written memories.

Certificate of Life

Lovingly designed by our volunteers this certificate records the birth details of baby. 

Inkless Print Kit

A matching print record to compliment the Certificate of Life. Printed on inkless print paper, baby's prints can be captured perfectly. Recording the prints correctly means parents can use these to make further mementos later such as print jewellery.

SandsQ Butterfly Printed resources

Resources from Sands Queensland

Two brochures are included, one detailing the support services offered by Sands Queensland as well as our brochure 'Moments' which contains gentle suggestions for parents about how to make the most of the limited time they have with their precious baby.

Memory Creation Pack

SandsQ Butterfly program also offers a Memory Creation Pack, which includes the printed resources; Certificate of Life, Inkless Print Certificates, Memory Book and Sands support brochures. This pack can be added to existing memory box programs.


SandsQ Memory Creation Pack

 To request the Butterfly memory bags or Memory Creation packs for your hospital,

please email SandsQ Butterfly.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help Sands Queensland provide this resource to parents


Donate Items for Butterfly Pack

Blankets and face washers can be donated to be included in the bag. Please see the specifications for these items.


Colour: white or cream

Material: Cotton outeside (white), Flannel inside (white or cream)

Size: 52 - 55cm square

Pattern available soon

Wash cloth

small white baby's wash cloth.

Make items

SandsQ Butterfly provides bereavement clothing to hospitals. If you can sew, knit or crochet, your help would be greatly appreciated. We have developed set patterns approved by hospitlas. Further details, patterns and guidelines can be found HERE.


Thank you