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free spirits portrait

 Artist and father Glenn Ainsworth offers his skill to create a unique, personalised sketch of your baby.

Born in 1976, Glenn was raised in Biloela in Central Queensland before leaving to travel overseas in 2001. Since then he has lived in London and Sydney and for the past 8 years has resided with his wife at Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

With no formal art education Glenn has honed his skill through trial and error and the study of other artist's techniques. Trained as a draftsman and with degrees in Civil Engineering he is able to use his eye for detail to reproduce realistic imagery.

Glenn's creations are influenced by his travels and local surrounds and he continues to work with various media including oil painting, pastel, pencil and ink drawings as well as sculpting. While never pursuing art for more than a hobby, his works have been sold and donated with commissions being undertaken upon request.


ABC Article - 'Queensland father grieving for son sketches lost babies to help bereaved parents'


Free Spirits

Glenn has generously offered his skills to Sands Queensland in memory of his son Baxter Robert Ainsworth, stillborn on the 13th of February 2014. All proceeds will go to Sands Queensland and help us to continue to support bereaved parents.


After Bax was born I couldn't stop looking at him, he was perfect. Gee what I wouldn't have given to see that blanket move with his breath or the room fill with his cry.  As I studied him and tried to burn his image in my mind forever, I made him a promise that every day for the rest of my life I would do something in his memory. No matter how small or big, it would be just for him.  As part of that pact I made a sketch of him, from his tiny nose and lips to his big hands, I captured him in that moment. I am so grateful we had that time together and that I had the opportunity to draw him has he lay there in pure peace, untainted by any more evils that the world could throw up. His picture and those thoughts are something that both my wife and I cherish dearly and if I can provide other families with a picture of their precious baby that they can treasure, then it would be an honour.

~ Glenn Ainsworth


Personalised Portrait offer from Glenn Ainsworth

Each sketch is 28cm x 36cm in size, on a toned tan quality paper with full copyright. The unfframed picture will take approximately 4 weeks, although this time frame may vary depending on demand.

How to order a personalised sketch:

Visit Glenn's website or facebook page for full information.

Free Spirits website

Free Spirits Facebook page


Some beautiful examples of Glenn's work.

Thank you to the parents who have given us permission to share these images.

'Knowing I have given someone an opportunity to share their baby with others is a privilege. Whether parents choose to display their drawing or keep it as a private momento is up to them, but I find it an honour that they trust me to sketch a picture of their little one.'  ~ Glenn, Artist and Baxter's father.

Fletcher John, 31st of January - 21st of April 2011

Photograph of baby Henry JohnSketch of baby Fletcher John











'Glenn is an amazingly talented man with a gentle heart. He was lovely to deal with. I had asked him to take the medical tape and tubes out of the picture and he was able to do that for me which was wonderful. When my picture of Fletcher arrived it took my breath away. Tears of appreciation. I will cherish it always.' ~ Fletcher's Mum, Kate.


Henry John, 7th of January 2014

Portrait of Henry John by Glenn Ainsworth

'There is very little that has brought comfort since we lost our little boy Henry, this sketch by Glenn is one of them. We took very few photos when Henry was born but luckily the midwives took some photos knowing that weeks down the track I would be longing to see Henry again. I didn't have time to think that this would be it our hello and our goodbye to our baby. We would leave hospital and not have our baby in our arms and here today to fill our home with noise. I examined him from top to toe and admired this beautifully perfect little soul my husband and I had created. I am truly grateful to Glenn for taking the time to sketch Henry and thank you seems a very inadequate word for such a beautiful gesture.'  ~ Gemma, Henry's Mum


Harry, 14th - 17th of January 2011

Photograph of HarrySketch of Harry



'From the moment Glenn contacted me he was so sincere.  He communicated with me beautifully and I knew immediately this man was a Father of a special baby himself.  Through several emails we connected though our boys. When my husband and I received our sketch of Harry we cold not believe how life like it was.  It was like Harry was brought to life.  We will treasure our drawing of Harry forever.  It is a irreplaceable, priceless piece of art.  A one of a kind.  Skillfully drawn by a wonderful Dad who loves his Son, Baxter.' ~ Melissa, Harry's Mum.