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a song for Buddy

Anna and Ross's son Buddy was stillborn in June 2013. The song 'Hurts Like Hell' is a tribute to Buddy, and all the parents, family, and loved ones who have experienced the tragic loss of a child. 'Saying goodbye, before having the opportunity to say hello' is a devastating loss to contend with.

Anna and Ross's friends gather for Buddy's send off

Ross and Anna's friends gather to farewell Buddy.

Buddy and was stillborn at 42 weeks. It's truly quite difficult to express the hurt I felt upon losing Buddy. Experiencing a significant loss placed me at a crossroads where I could have hit rock bottom, or reached for the stars. The healing process is monumental but I'm blessed to have a beautiful, strong, and loving wife and inspirational family. I'm also fortunate to have, quite possibly, the best group of mates anybody could ask for. 

With help from four of my good friends and old bandmates, I was able to make some sense of my loss through music, and this song was made into a reality because of them. 

Sands Queensland provided us with great support and for this reason all profits for 'Hurts Like Hell' will be donated to the organisation to enable them to continue offering excellent support to grieving parents.

It would be very meaningful if you visited iTunes and showed your support through purchasing the track.

Ross Tyler, Buddy's Dad

All procceds from the sale of 'Hurts Like Hell' are donated to Sands Queensland.

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