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At Sands we understand the death of a baby is a deeply traumatic experience, not only for the parents but also for the health professionals that care for them. Sands offers informative workshops which bring together the insights of our members who have experienced the loss of a baby and our 30 years of experience supporting them. Workshops can be held at a time suitable for your facility.

Caring for Bereaved Parents Educational

Every year in Queensland around 700 families face the heartbreak of stillbirth or neonatal death and many thousands more experience early pregnancy loss. Sands Queensland is a community of bereaved parents who have joined together to ensure that support is available to all Queensland families whose baby has died during pregnancy or in the neonatal period. Another important part of our work is to support health professionals and other carers to provide supportive care at the time a baby dies and in subsequent pregnancies.  

We have developed a three hour face-to-face workshop about psycho-social care for bereaved parents. The workshop is discussion-based and aims to bring together the insights of Sands members who have experienced the loss of a baby and the health professionals participating in the workshop. We know from our members experience that the care they receive at the time their baby dies has a significant impact on their grief journey.  We hear many stories of beautiful care that has been a great comfort to parents, and also about things that people wish had been said or done differently.  We understand the death of a baby is a really difficult thing for everyone who is involved, and carers can feel at a loss in the face of parents' grief.


The workshop includes:

  • Three hour accredditted workshop 3 CDP recognition
  • A bereaved parent's story of their time in hospital presented in person, and other parent stories reflected in video and quotes. Where possible, we will have two bereaved parents there in person.
  • Strategies for effective communication with shocked and bereaved parents
  • Approaching the autopsy discussion
  • Options for memory creation
  • Bereaved parents additional needs for care in subsequent pregnancies
  • The importance of self-care for professionals


A fee per participant will apply, with minimum numbers required to ensure viability. 

Please contact Kate Cowmeadow, State Manager about the potential to hold a workshop in your area.

Email State Manager or telephone 07 3254 3422.



Australian College of Midwives Continuing Professional Development Accreditated.

Three CPD Points Apply.


CPD Recognition