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The Sands Queensland library contains a large range of resources including books, DVDs and videos on topics relevant to bereaved parents.

The items in the library can be borrowed by two ways:

  • Visit the library at Sands house, 505 Bowen Terrace New Farm, during office hours 9.30am - 2.00pm Monday to Friday. (The library may also be available during night support meetings and at other times but please contact us to confirm first.)

  • Phone or e-mail the office and the library books can be mailed to you. If you use this option we ask that if you are able, you assist with the cost of mailing the articles perhaps by sending stamps when returning the books or by making a donation.

Library items can be borrowed for a month at a time and you can extend this time by contacting the office. If an item is in heavy demand we may not be able to extend the borrowing time.

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We welcome feed back from members and if you found a book helpful we invite you to submit a book review for our newsletter. Likewise, if you found a website helpful or not we also welcome a review that can be shared with all our members.

Some parents opt to donate a book to the library in memory of their baby.  This may be a book that they found particularly relevant to themselves or we can order one on a specific topic. An inscription is placed in the front of the book stating the baby's name that the book has been donated for and who has donated the book.

Some Sands regional groups have small libraries. Check with the Sands Queensland office or your regional contact to see what books are available.

There is a small fee for non-members to borrow from the Library.

Categories in the library

  • Miscarriage and other early pregnancy losses
  • Abnormalities and interruption of pregnancy
  • Stillbirth and neonatal death
  • Couples and Fathers grief
  • Children's grief
  • Grandparents grief
  • Family and friends
  • General grief
  • Funerals and memory creation
  • Infertility issues
  • Pregnancy and subsequent pregnancy
  • Medical and health care professionals