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The Sands Queensland newsletter is published six times a year. It is edited and produced by volunteer bereaved parents.

Grief can be very isolating and many parents find that the newsletter is a welcome link to other parents and to the Sands Queensland office. It is a source of support and a forum for expressing feelings that non-bereaved parents may have difficulty understanding. Many parents find comfort in being able to write about their baby and to see their baby's name in print.

Three complimentary issues of the newsletter are available for all parents who are new to Sands Queensland and further issues are available upon becoming a member.


The newsletter is packaged ready for posting by volunteer parents at the Sands House on the last Thursday of the month, before release. Please feel free to come along and enjoy a cuppa with other Sands Queensland parents. 

  • February/March Edition - Submissions by Wednesday 15th of January
  • April/May Mother's Day Edition - Submissions by 15th of March
  • June/July Sands Awareness Month Edition - Submissions by 15th of May
  • August/September Father's Day Edition - Submissions by 15th of July
  • October/November Pregnancy Loss Month Edition - Submissions by 15th of September
  • December/January Christmas Edition - Submissions by 15th of November

As we rely on volunteers to produce the newsletter we request that material and submissions are received by the 15th of the month before publications. If not we will be unable to guarantee inclusion in your requested edition. We will make every endeavour to include all material, however as stated there is no guarantee.


Sands is seeking submissions for original imagery to feature on the cover of Hourglass. Credit will be given to entrant within the newsletter and a hard copy of the edition will be posted to successful entrant.

Entry requirements;

  • Image must be your own original work and reflect theme/subject of newsletter edition (see above edition description)
  • Image must be in jpeg format and of quality to allow A4 size printing
  • Please keep in mind the need for negative space in image to allow for text overlay.

Submissions can be emailed to our Newsletter Editor . The successful image for each edition will be chosen by Sands staff members.


Parents and family members are welcome to submit stories, articles, poems, book reviews, anecdotal or researched information, informative stories or website reviews. Our focus is on material that is relevant and explores the experience faced by our parents and members. This could be a story about your pregnancy, the birth of your child or your road to becoming a parent. It can be as short as a few paragraphs or a longer story that we can publish over a number of issues.

We require that by submitting articles for publication in the newsletter, you are providing Sands Queensland with permission to publish your article (or extracts of) on the Sands Queensland website and in future issues of the newsletter. We ask that parents do not submit items that they do not want used again in future issues and to notify us when submitting items if you do not wish them to appear on the Sands Queensland website. This does not include memorials/birth notices which are never reprinted or published on this site.

Please make sure the content is appropriate for our publication and you are the copyright owner. Sands Queensland retains the right to withhold publication or to publish extracts of your work.

On submission, we assess the written submission and will check vocabulary options and grammatical correctness. If any significant changes are required, we will contact the writer to discuss, so please include your contact details.

There is no set word count, though we find between 300 - 700 words as a minimum or 1,500 words maximum. If the submission is longer we may reproduce over a number of editions.

Text Requirements

Word limit: 300 - 700 words as a minimum or 1,500 words maximum.

Page limit: 2 Pages.

Format: Word document.

Fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri or Georgia.


Image Requirements

Photos are always welcome to accompany stories. Please do not embed images into your document. Images must be supplied as a separate digital file.

Image, background or photo format: JPEG (Preferred), Tiff or original photo file or clipart.

Image size: High resolution of 300dpi minimum.

Colour: CMYK.

Mono: Grayscale.



Parents and family members are welcome to submit a memorial for their baby/babies and it can include anything that is important to you. Some ideas are a letter to your baby, a photo, a picture drawn by a sibling, notes from grand-parents and other family or even a special poem.

If you would like us to include an image, photograph or background with your memorial or birth notice, please indicate what you would like when submitting and we will choose something appropriate. Memorials and birth notices will only be published in the requested month's newsletter. Please do not send original documents or photographs.

Parents are also welcome to submit birth announcements for subsequent children. These can include text and photos or anything special.

As we receive a number of memorials each edition and we are limited by the number of pages we can produce each month, memorials will require the following sizing specifications. The image and text will need to fit:

Third Page Landscape - 190mm (Width) x 93mm (Height) Memorials

Quarter Page Vertical - 95mm (Width) x 140mm (Height) Memorials

Image, background or photo format: JPEG (Preferred), Tiff or original photo file or clipart.

Image size: High resolution of 300dpi minimum.

Colour: CMYK.

Mono: Grayscale.



Sands members are welcome to submit stories, articles, poems, book reviews or website reviews.

Submissions should tell your story, your grief journey. It could be the story of what happened, sharing a moment of your grief, how it has changed you or what has helped you. Photos are always welcome to accompany stories.

If you have found any books, websites or places helpful to you on your journey please feel free to write a review to let other parents know. Please include the full book title & author or website address in your submission.


Article reprinting requires permission given in writing from the source where the article first appeared. Doing otherwise is illegal and morally wrong.

Depending on the policy of the publication where the article first appeared, sometimes you also need to get permission from the author of the article.

After securing a written permission, you also need to observe other requirements which may be imposed as conditions for reprinting. Publications each have their own terms for reprinting however the two minimum conditions are: (a) no modification to the title or text of the article, meaning the article should be reprinted in its entirety and faithfully including the title, and (b) attribution to the original source of the article in a format defined by one giving the permission.

Please note too that the publisher has the right to refuse reprinting of copyrighted articles based on reasons that need not be disclosed to the one making a request.

All submissions for the newsletter to EMAIL newsletter


The Sands Management Committee has refined a policy regarding Newsletter Sponsorship and Memorials. 


Parents who submit a memorial for their baby must be financial members of Sands Qld.

Newsletter sponsorship

Singular or dual sponsorship for an edition of the newsletter is permissible.  The sponsorship cost is $250 per family.  The sponsor family must be a financial member of Sands.

If a family member in the extended family wishes to sponsor the newsletter, the parents must be financial members of Sands. (i.e. grandparents, aunts etc).

If parents submitting a sponsorship are not members, they will be charged $280 for sponsorship; $30 will be apportioned to a years' membership.

A colour copy of the newsletter will be provided to parents who sponsor the newsletter.

Please contact the office if you would like to sponsor a newsletter.