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Information Sheets

What to expect after the stillbirth of your baby

Download: What to expect after the stillbirth of your baby

Sands together with the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies and the Queensland Government have produced this information sheet that provides answers to common questions after a stillbirth, such as: What is grief? Can I spend time with my baby?, Can I take my baby home?, What will happen with my babies body?, How will I tell my family and friends? What will hapen with my breastmilk?, What financial support is available?, plus a detailed list of services offering support & further information.


"From Us to You When Your Baby has died."

This booklet is suitable for parents who experience the death of their baby from 20 weeks gestation to the neonatal period. The booklet covers a number of topics including memory creation, post mortem, funerals, and your grief journey.

"Few people are prepared for the intensity and duration of grief that follows the tragedy of the death of their baby. Bereaved parents can experience a variety of emotions that they may never have felt before and you can find this a very confusing and painfully time and may feel overwhelmed."

Download: From Us To You When Your Baby has died

"Special Memories of............... a very special baby"

This booklet was designed to allow parents a place to put their special memories - handprint and footprint, lock of hair, photos, date of birth and death, and special memories.

You can obtain these booklets by contacting the Sands Queensland office.


Currently the following brochures are available. Copies of all brochures can be requested from the Sands Queensland office.

About Sands

Download Brochure: About Sands

This brochure provides an informative guide to the support available at Sands.


Download Brochure: Moments

A beautiful collaboration put togther by Sands parents, this brochure contains gentle suggestions for parents about how to make the most of the limited time they have with their precious baby.

When a Baby Dies in Multiple Pregnancy

Download: When a Baby Dies in Multiple Pregnancy

Many parents find themselves torn by the mix of emotions when one or more of their children die and find it difficult to be happy and sad at the same time. This brochure offers guidance through some of these emotions.

For Teachers and Carers of Children 0 - 5 Years Who Experience the Death of a Sibling

Download: For Teachers and Carer of Children 0 - 5 Years Who Experience the Death of a Sibling

Written by medical students in consultation with child carers, teachers, and bereaved parents and children, this brochure provides guidance for giving support. It explains what a teacher/carer needs to ask the parents, how to talk to the parent, how to support the child, and dealing with classmates. It also describes young children’s understanding of death, and provides a list of resources and books.

For Teachers and Carers of Children 6 - 12 Years Who Experience the Death of a Sibling

This brochure gives advice on approaching the parent after a loss, and explains how children react to the death of their baby brother or sister according to their age group. It provides advice on supporting the child through grief in the classroom context, and gives a list of further resources and books.

Download: For Teachers and Carer of Children 6 - 12 Years Who Experience the Death of a Sibling


Obtaining Parental Consent for the Autopsy of a Baby Who Has Died.

Download Brochure: Obtaining Parental Consent for the Auropsy of a Baby

This brochure gives guidance to health care professionals who need to ask parents this difficult question. The brochure contains practical suggestions from the view point of a bereaved parent.


National Brochures

Available to download as PDFs from the Sands Australia website, please click on the link below for a full list of resources.

National Brochures at Sands Australia

For Fathers

Written by men for men, this brochure discusses men’s grief, and how they can best cope while also supporting their partner and other children. It offers suggestions on how fathers can look after themselves, and contains information on support meetings and other services for grieving fathers.

For Couples

Written by bereaved parents, this brochure offers suggestions on maintaining open communication and avoiding conflict during this difficult time. It speaks to both the mother and the father, and discusses issues with intimacy and grief within a relationship.

For Siblings

Children require clear explanations that are appropriate to their age – particularly with a subject as sensitive as the death of their sibling. This would also be appropriate for extended family members and friends to read.

For Grandparents

When grandparents lose a grandchild, they cry twice: once for their own loss and once for the loss suffered by their own child. This brochure offers suggestions for grandparents as they cope with their own grief and as they support their child.

For Family and Friends

This brochure is designed to help family and friends of bereaved parents understand what the grieving mother and father are going through, and how best to understand them. It offers many helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” to help people provide the best support to bereaved parents.

Difficult Decisions

Containing information to assist parents in their decision-making, this brochure does not set out to influence any decision parents need to make regarding their baby or themselves. It discusses coming to a decision, the reactions of others, continuing or interrupting the pregnancy, and funerals and grief should the decision be made to interrupt the pregnancy.

The Post Mortem Examination- information for parents

Different parents require varying degrees of information to allow them to make an informed decision regarding the autopsy of their baby. This brochure gives basic information and directs parents to seek further information should they require it.

Special Memories of Babies Who Died Some Years Ago.

It has only been in recent years that parents have been openly encouraged to mourn the death of their baby. This brochure assists parents whose baby died prior to this time. The brochure contains suggestions for memory creation.

Subsequent Pregnancy

Many parents have found that a new pregnancy and a new baby will often bring a renewal of grief that exists along with the joy of the new life. This brochure offers suggestions for parents to help get through the next very long nine months.

Further brochures from Sands Queensland

Funerals and Rites for Your Baby Who Has Died.

This is an important resource for parents to assist them in planning a meaningful goodbye for their baby. The brochure contains some information about practices; choices and legal requirements.