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All Sands Queensland support groups are run by our parent supporters who have experienced the death of their baby and have support training.

At Sands Queensland there are people who understand what it's like to grieve for a baby because they have been through this experience themselves. People have many different needs at this time and we are here to offer the support you need.

Many parents find comfort in talking with other bereaved parents. Attending a support meeting can help you on your grief journey by being able to share grief and fears or just by listening to other parents.

The support group is set up for parents/family to talk, listen and share experiences in a safe non-judgemental and caring environment. They may be coffee mornings, coffee afternoons or night support meetings and are casual gatherings of bereaved parents who share the experience of the death of their babies.

There will be no pressure to share your story. If you would prefer just to listen to other parents, that is perfectly fine. The only expectation on you is to respect other parents' right to speak and their right to privacy.

Some parents' perspectives on support meetings -:

'I was really apprehensive about going to a meeting but for Paul and I it was a relief to meet other parents.' Jane

'I almost had an obsession and went to any coffee morning that I could.  I needed to know I wasn't the only Mum out there hurting.' Lisa

'I didn't think a night support meeting was a man thing but I went for my partner, to support her.  I was surprised that other fathers were there and they talked openly about their babies.  It was good.' Michael

There may be new babies, pregnant mums or toddlers at support meetings, particularly coffee mornings.  Whilst this may be difficult for some parents to manage, it may be easier in the company of like-minded people. 

Some support meetings will have particular topics and even if the topic is not relevant to you at the time you are welcome to come along.

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Support meetings are held at the Sands House in Brisbane office and at other locations throughout Queensland. 

Not all areas in Queensland will have support meetings. If you are interested in starting a support group in your area please contact us.

Sands Queenslands meeting room
The Sands House meeting room in Brisbane.